Preparing for a Homeowner Loan Application

1Taking out a home loan can be a challenging process. There is a significant amount of research and work that is needed to obtain a homeowner loan and being prepared for the loan process will greatly improve your chances for a successful loan application.

Attractiveness as a Borrower

Your success at obtaining a loan will be dependent on how attract of a borrower you appear to be. Lenders will examine your credit score and history including your existing lines of credit (including credit cards) and perform an analysis of your debt to income ratios. Traditionally, lenders would try to avoid home loans that exceeded three times your income, but in recent years have allowed for greater debt to equity ratios if you have good credit. It is a good idea to perform some research on your credit score and history so that you can see where you stand as a borrower and can therefore estimate your loan interest rates and future mortgage or loan payments. By doing so you can gain an idea regarding the size of the homeowner loan that you will qualify for and the maximum amount of a home that you should consider buying.

Understand Types of Loans and Impact on Payment

There are many different options for homeowner loans. A borrower should become well versed in these different options and make an educated decision regarding the best loan for their needs. The first consideration should whether they are going to pursue a fixed or variable interest rate on their loan. Variable interest rates will adjust based on the market rate but tend to have lower initial rates, while fixed interest rates lock in an interest rate over the life of the loan but have an initially higher loan rate. The best option for you depends on your loan term length as well as your financial capacity to pay off your loan. In addition, consider the duration of your homeowner loan as well.


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